Society's Organizational Structure

Society’s Officers – Elected Positions:

In order to ensure proper management, wellbeing, and continued existence and growth of the Society, the members shall elect every two years, four individuals to serve as Society Officers (position descriptions are listed below).  There are no term limits for these positions.  Any member may choose to run for a position.  Positions are determined through a secret ballot with the person achieving a plurality of votes of the Society’s membership for each position being elected to that position.


Chairman The Chairman’s duties include planning and organizing meeting, making sure the Society adheres to its goals and policies, serving as a spokesperson for the Society, to be the liaison with the Keeper of the Notes regarding all correspondence and ensuring that minutes and tasting records are being adequately maintained and disseminated in a timely fashion, to be the liaison with the Treasurer about the financial state of the Society, to be the liaison with the Reserves Manager to keep an accurate account of the Society’s single malt holdings, works with Tasting Hosts to insure tastings meet Society’s standards, and to be the final arbiter of decisions regarding membership and other matters relating to the Society’s continued operation and well-being.

Vice Chairman The Vice Chairman’s duties include working with the Chairman on plans or special projects, presiding over Society issues and in the event of the Chairman’s absence, and carry out all duties as assigned by the Chairman.

TreasurerThe Treasurer is responsible for collecting Yearly Dues, Tasting Meeting Fees, and handling, recording, and maintaining proper records of all financial transactions of the Society.

Secretary – The Secretary is responsible for collecting and compiling the any minutes of any meeting and is particularly responsible for collecting and compiling a record of the Members tasting notes and scores at each Tasting Meeting


Society Officers – Non-Elected Positions:

Reserves Manager The Reserves Manager duties are to inventory and store the Society’s unfinished bottles of single malts from various Tasting Meetings. In addition, the Reserves Manager is responsible for selecting one – two Reserves for open sampling at each Tasting Meeting and for selecting four Reserves for a Reserves Meeting.

Web MasterThe Keeper of the Web duties include the design and maintenance of the Society’s web page.