What's Best About Our Society?

We are a group of individuals who share a common interest and passion for Single Malt Whisky.   When we started our group our members included people who had just discovered the joys of single malt whiskies as well as experienced connoisseurs who were extremely knowledgeable.  Now after more than 13 years, 75 tastings, and over 300 different single malts tasted, we have all become single malt (primarily scotch) aficionados.

We meet to sample and learn about different single malts or to revisit previously tasted bottles of favorites.  Nothing makes for a more enjoyable evening then sitting down with a group of people who love drinking and talking about whisky.  While our meetings expand our knowledge and appreciation, they aren't stuffy as the title Society might make you think.  We meet at various members' homes and other social gathering places and enjoy fantastic evenings tasting different single malts and having great conversations (and typically great cigars as well when our tasting venue permits).