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What's the One Single Malt You Can Always Identify Just by Color, Smell, and Taste Alone?

posted Jun 1, 2016, 10:52 AM by David R.
Everyone has a favorite tipple!  You know the one I mean, it's that one whisky you always have in your whisky holdings (meaning you've bought it more than once, probably a number of times) and is your go-to-malt. But how well do you really know it?  You probably have seen it, nosed it, and drank it often enough that you feel you know it by heart, but do you really?  Could you consistently pick out of a random group of say four different but similar single malts?

Would you be willing to put money on it?  Or are you not that confident?  That said, what's the single malt you think you could pick out of single malt line-up?