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Exploring Uncharted Waters is Theme for 52nd Tasting

posted Apr 14, 2019, 7:25 AM by David R.
We're going exploring at our 52nd Tasting as we venture into uncharted waters according to tasting host Tim.  In our ongoing pursuit of tasting as many distilleries and expressions of whisky as we can, Tim promises us some whiskies that unless you're me, you may not have had.  I don't know whether that's a compliment or a comment on my drinking but either way, I'm sure the evening will be full of surprises.  We are lucky to live in a time when scotch and whisky in general is enjoying such a boom, there was a time when instead of opening new distilleries the trend was the closing of distilleries.  So, let's enjoy the ride.  Mark your calendars for our 52nd tasting on April 28th.  And in the hopes of warm weather, Tim will be hosting it at his house, assuming the weather cooperates.  See you then!