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56th Tasting: Peat on Earth, Goodwill to Men

posted Jan 10, 2020, 8:29 AM by David R.
Our 56th Tasting is an all peat evening certain to satisfy any and all peat freaks.  We'll be tasting six peated whiskies.  As with all our standard tastings, we will be tasting these whiskies blind.  Our host Matt, however, has decided to try something a little different.  In an attempt to limit the bias in his own perceptions of the whiskies since he obviously knows what he purchased for the tasting, he has had the bottles wrapped by his wife without him knowing which bottle is which.  It will also mean that the tasting order of the whiskies will be purely random with no respect to either age, strength, or flavor of the individual whiskies.  In addition, Matt is trying out a new approach to our usual bidding process for the bottles at the end of the evening.  Instead of revealing each bottle at the end of the tasting, Matt has decided to keep the bottles covered until bidding is complete.  The idea behind this is to have people bid on bottles based on how they rated them.  It should be an interesting evening!