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The Society for those who share a passion for single malt whisky in Northwest Ohio.


The Black Swamp Single Malt Society was formed in June 2010 by a group of individuals with the sole purpose of providing a regular and formalized venue for individuals who have a passion for single malts to gather together to share, enjoy, explore, enrich, and expand their knowledge and familiarity with the single malt whiskies of the world (and on rare occasions other fine spirits).

Membership in the Society is limited and to become a member an individual must be sponsored by a current member.  A link for Information on becoming a member is provided below.


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The Society Page - BSSMS Activities and News

  • BSSMS Welcomes Two New Full Members - Chen and Mario The Black Swamp Single Malt Society is pleased to add to its ranks two new full members.  Both Chen and Mario after completing their time as alternates were put forward for full membership and unanimously approved by the Society's membership.  Both bring discerning palates and a taste for life's finer pleasures to the club's membership.  Please join me in welcoming them both to BSSMS.  I, and I am sure the other members do as well, look forward to their each designing and hosting their own exploration and tasting of some of unique examples of Scotland's uisge beatha
    Posted Jul 27, 2014, 11:04 AM by David R.
  • Next tasting: June 17! Greetings, whisky lovers!Our next tasting is rapidly approaching. We will gather two weeks from tonight (June 17) at Brian's house.  Brian's theme is: To Arran Is Human, and we will be tasting whiskies from the lone distillery on the bonnie isle of Arran.Please RSVP by Thursday, June 12, so that Brian can make the necessary arrangements. Also, because we are outdoors and space is not as limited, we will likely have room for a guest or two as space allows. Let me know if there is anyone you would like to bring.Sláinte!Ron
    Posted Jul 3, 2014, 11:46 AM by David R.
  • BSMMS Welcomes Its Newest Alternate Member - Chen The Black Swamp Single Malt Society is pleased to welcome its newest alternate member Chen.  Chen is widening his appreciation of the finer things in life.  Chen is already a beer enthusiast and a skilled brewer (though we have yet to verfiy this since he has yet to provide us with any samples).  With a well developed palate for beer, he brings an interesting perspective to our group's tasting. So join me in extending a hearty fàilte to Chen, our newest member.
    Posted Jul 27, 2014, 10:54 AM by David R.
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What's Best About Our Club?

We are a group of individuals who share a common interest and passion - Single Malt Whiksy.  Among our group are people who have just discovered the joys of single malt whiskies to those who experienced connoisseurs who are extremely knowledgeable.  We meet to sample and learn about different single malts or to revisit previously tasted bottles.  Nothing makes for more enjoyable evening then sitting down with a group of people who share your passion and drinking and talking about it.  While our meetings expand our knowledge and appreciation, they aren't stuffy as the title  Society might make you think.  We meet at various members' homes and other social gathering places and enjoy fantastic evenings tasting different single malts and having great conversations (and whenever possible great cigars as well).